Fossils At A Glance

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Fossils provide a powerful tool for the study of the nearly 4-billion-year history of life, and its role in the evolution of Earth systems

Diagrams are central to the book and allow the reader to see most of the important data at a glance

Each topic covers two pages and provides a self-contained suite of information or a starting point for future study

Fossils At A Glance is written for students taking an introductory level course in paleontology

It includes new line diagrams as well as photographs of selected fossils

Short chapters introduce the main topics in the modern study of fossils

The most important fossil groups are discussed, from microfossils through invertebrates to vertebrates and plants, followed by a brief narrative of life on Earth

They also provide important data for evolutionary studies, and contribute to our understanding of the extinction of organisms and the origins of modern biodiversity

This second edition has been thoroughly revised and brought up to date

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